Little Stone House

They call it the Little Stone House, situated on a 14-acre plot of land on Longwoods Road (Highway 2) just east of Thamesville.

This house was nothing more than a clapboard homestead built in 1870 when Sarah Gamble bought the property in 1926. She was a school teacher who came up from Detroit to find a summer retreat for her and husband Stanley Gamble.

Unfortunately Stan lost Sarah and their infant son at childbirth, so in honour of his beloved wife, he transformed the dwelling into a cobblestone cottage.

Eventually he formed a partnership with local artist Annie Aldred and together they established The Little Stone Tea House. Stan then created a beautiful courtyard with cobblestone archways, a popular place for couples to have their wedding photography done.

Stanley passed away in 1952, and Annie’s tea house closed. The property now belongs to Annie’s nephew Robert Aldred from London.

By John De Boer who lives in Kitchener and enjoys daytripping off the beaten path.   Posted June 1, 2016 in the Kitchener Post    

Source: De Boer’s treasures: Little Stone House


7 thoughts on “Little Stone House

  1. This has been my favorite house for many years I always said I would love to see the inside of it ..or even own it .I love the Coble stone and the history behind it must be fascinating.

  2. This has been my ‘dream house’ from the first time I saw it. My husband and I would take drives out just to see it. I never knew the story behind it but knew that I loved it. We now live in B. C. But we always stop by took at it when we are back east. Thank you for this.

  3. When I was about 5 or 6 my uncle took me to the teahouse for tea. I felt so grown up sipping tea. A very fond memory of the beautiful cottage and of the day that I will remember from so very long ago.

  4. This is my most loved little home in the whole world. As a child when my dad would drive by I could picture myself living there …the outside of the house surrounded by wild flowers and white shear curtains hanging in the windows. A fire going in the house, an old antique harvest table in the kitchen surrounded by grandmas old wooden chairs with a freshly made apple pie cooling next to the open window. My childhood dreams of one day living there. I am so happy that little house is turned into someone else treasure. Everytime I go by today those memories are still vibrant as they were back then. My dream is to one day live there… The little stone house

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