Wardsville Barn Quilt Trail

30 Barn Quilts

Wardsville has its own Barn quilt web site now,

located at


To honour the stitchery and creativity that went into the George Ward Commemorative Fabric Quilt and to tell the George Ward story visually, each quilt block has been blown up into a “Barn Quilt”.

Identical block designs have been painted on special plywood in the same vibrant colours as the fabric blocks – except they are eight feet square and visible for miles hung on the side of a barn or building!   Artists Steven Sittler and Rick Sommer (Made on Earth outdoor art gallery) led this eye catching rural Outdoor Art Project.

George Ward had a long and interesting life.  There are thirty blocks and a story to go with each one.

There are over 2000 barn quilt murals in the U.S. and numerous barn quilt trails.  They are a huge hit with tourists and a special source of pride in rural communities. Wardsville was inspired by the Temiskaming barn quilt project in northern Ontario and encourages all local communities to tell their story through the folk arts.

A source of information is Suzi Parron at http://americanquilttrail.blogspot.com/ She is tracking the barn quilt movement.

We think the George Ward Commemorative Barn Quilt Trail will be the first Barn Quilt “Story” Trail in North America. Denise Corneil has talked to Suzi Parron, teacher, writer and barn quilt lover from  Stone Mountain, Georgia who is writing a book about barn quilts. She is not aware that linking the quilts to a historical theme and telling a story has ever been done before.

Photo by Dave Chidley


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